PCEFC Player Safety Policy

Safety of our players and team staff, along with our opponents, is of the utmost importance to PCEFC. This policy supports team staff and our membership in ensuring a safe environment exists for our members and opponents to play the beautiful game.



PCEFC abides by the BC Soccer policy regarding Concussions


Concussion awareness training is required for all team staff.  This free training is available at https://cattonline.com/  and is an online training course that is an easy to follow module system. Once you have completed the course please send an electronic copy of your certificate to

We strongly recommend that all parents of athletes also take advantage of this important educational tool.

Further resource information on Concussions is available by clicking here


BC Soccer and PCEFC follow the CSA guideline on lightning and severe weather delays

As a minimum, there must be a 30-minute wait from the time the last lightning strikes or audible thunder occurred. If you have a valid lightning strike app on your phone, you cannot return to the field until the app indicates there have not been any strikes within an eight-mile radius for at least 30 minutes.


PCEFC team staff, players and referees abide by the BC Soccer policy regarding goalpost safety



All pre-existing medical conditions that could affect a player’s safety must be disclosed by a parent at registration in the applicable section of the online registration document. Parents must ALSO advise the players’ coach before the first training session of the year of any pre-existing medical conditions.


All Coaches and Team Staff must have an up to date emergency contact list for all players and team staff at all training sessions, games or other team events.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility and PCEFC promotes a culture of safety amongst its members. Team Staff hold an extremely important role and need to consider the following non-exhaustive list of actions that should take place at every training session or game:

  • Assess field surface and training area for dangers
  • Is the weather appropriate for training/game play
  • Assess your surroundings including people outside the fence line of the pitch
  • All players need to be wearing shin guards under their socks at all training sessions and games no matter what age group
  • Coaches should not be alone with a single player. Two adults at all times. This includes a coach waiting with a player for a parent to pick up
  • PCEFC policy requires a team staff member of the same sex as the players present at the bench during games for all youth teams
  • Coaches must not allow a player to continue if inured or having any concussion signs or after suffering a possible concussion incident and will only allow a player to return after they have completed the return to sport protocol demonstrated in the concussion education training https://cattonline.com/