PCEFC Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards Policy

PCEFC Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards Policy

PCEFC follows BC Soccer’s discipline procedures and policies. We encourage all members of PCEFC to review the following by clicking on the titles:

BC Soccer Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards & Policy

BC Soccer Discipline Sanction Policy



BCCSL Discipline


It is the responsibility of team officials to inform their players that they can be expelled for the following:

  • Persisting in misconduct (two yellow card offenses in the same game)
  • Denying a goal scoring opportunity
  • Offensive, insulting, abusive language and / or gestures
  • Serious foul play
  • Violent conduct
  • Spitting at an opponent or any other person
  • Failure to act in a responsible manner – this offense is specific to team officials



If a player is sent off or team official is expelled from a game they MUST NOT participate in the post-game handshake.  They must leave the vicinity of the field of play and the technical area.

As a courtesy expelled team officials are not shown the red card.

Referees can submit misconduct reports for players, team officials and spectators even after a game is finished.

All players, coaches and managers taking part in the League are subject to the BCSA Discipline Guidelines and the decisions of the League Discipline Committee. Each of the eight (8) districts submits the name of their rep prior to the start of each season.

Should meetings be required they are generally held starting at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings at:

Willingdon Community Centre

1491 Carleton Avenue, Burnaby, BC

Should a hearing be required team officials are contacted in advance and must be prepared to attend, with their player/s, the Wednesday immediately following the ejection, unless otherwise informed.

A player’s parent may attend but must be made aware, in advance, that s/he is present as an observer only. At the time of the hearing the team official is the spokesperson for the player.

As per BCSA Rule 10, Discipline: Clubs, teams, their team officials and/or players may have legal representation. All fees will be incurred by the club, team, team official and/or player who initiated the legal representation. If any of the aforesaid individuals wish to have legal representation at a hearing, they must advise the league and BC Soccer of this in writing prior to the hearing.

When lengthy suspensions are levied the committee will consider the seriousness of the offense, the time of year: mid-season break and end of season.

From time-to-time, the Discipline Committee may ask a team official and/or spectator to attend a “discussion” meeting to investigate a discipline matter brought to their attention that did not result in an ejection or referee’s misconduct report. Failure to Appear rules apply in this case should the team official decline to attend without good cause.


The discipline committee will not deal with issues/complaints that cannot be corroborated by the game official.

The League, or one of its committees, may investigate complaints from team officials, abandoned games; teams with excessive cards, excessive no-shows or forfeitures, misconduct of teams, officials, spectators, or violation of field closures. The Discipline, Protests / Appeals or Abandoned Game Committees may request the posting of a Performance Bond and/or fine in keeping with the Fine and Performance Bond Schedule.

 : the referee will report any yellow or red card infractions on GotSoccer and the player who is suspended will be shown in red for however many games he is suspended.

 “Exhibition” or “Friendly” Games

While the League does not schedule “exhibition” or “friendly” games red and yellow cards received in “exhibition” or “friendly” games will be reported by the referee and will be subject to normal discipline procedures.


The Discipline Hearing

If your player has been ejected check your team roster to see how many games have been levied.

Once the referee’s report has been received, and depending on the infraction, a discipline hearing date may be set. It is the team official’s responsibility to contact the player/s.

Depending on the seriousness of the offense, some ejections may be levied automatic game(s) suspensions in accordance with the BC Soccer Discipline Sanction Policy. The team official will be informed of the suspension and that the player does not have to attend a hearing. However, the team official has the right to request a hearing within 48 hours of the notice if they disagree with the number of games levied.

Should a hearing or conference call be required the Discipline Committee will decide at that time what additional penalty, if any, will be imposed on the person who was ejected or reported for misconduct. The Committee can issue additional suspensions within the guidelines established by the Canadian Soccer Association and BCSA.

Failure to Appear

Any team official or player failing to appear at a scheduled discipline hearing or on a date specified by the League or a District Association shall be Indefinitely Suspended until the case has been dealt with by the Discipline Committee.

A Notice of Indefinite Suspension requires that the individual be notified of such action and is Indefinitely Suspended from all youth soccer activities including refereeing until he attends a hearing.

Should an individual continue to participate in youth soccer activities while under suspension or after being placed on Indefinite Suspension, they shall be required to appear before a Provincial Board Discipline Hearing.

The Automatic One Game

As per FIFA / IFAB, all red cards carry an automatic one game suspension. This game is served automatically by sitting out the very next League or Cup game (whichever comes first) after the game in which the red card was received.

Additional games may be levied by the League Committee depending on the infraction.

Yellow Card Cautions

Multiple yellow cards have the same automatic one game provision. Anyone with three yellow cards in one season (not to be confused with two yellow cards in one game) must sit out the team’s very next game. The team official must wait for contact from their District Discipline Representative confirming that it is, in fact, the player’s third reported caution of the season. Do not sit out the player until you have been contacted.  While you may contact your rep through the season to inquire as to how many cautions a player has, it is up to the team official to keep track.

The player does not have to attend a discipline hearing for receiving three yellow cards in a season. Once you have been contacted confirming that he must sit out the team’s very next game, remove his BCSA photo ID from the team pack and draw a line through his name on the team list.

Please note that on receipt of a fifth caution in a season that the player may be requested to attend a hearing.

Serving Your Discipline

A game must be played to its conclusion in accordance with the defined playing time, specified in the rules by age group, to be considered a game for the purposes of serving a suspension. Only those matches actually played count towards execution of the suspension, If a match is abandoned, cancelled or forfeited, a suspension is only considered to have been served if the team to which the suspended player belongs is not responsible for the facts that led to the abandonment, cancellation or forfeit of the match.

Suspensions must be served by “sitting out” the team’s very next game, league or cup, whichever comes first.

Suspensions cannot be sat out in exhibition or tournament games.

A suspended player may attend games but may not be in uniform or be involved in any way and must not fraternize with other team players, team officials or fans.

Suspended players and team officials must stay back a minimum of 50 feet (15 meters) back from the sideline; in other words, away from the area immediately surrounding the field of play.

Suspended team officials must arrange for someone else to fill their position, and inform their discipline representative of that person’s name and phone number.

Suspended team officials must not coach verbally, by hand signals or any other means (including electronic / cellular devices) and must not fraternize with the players, coaching staff or fans to avoid being suspected of coaching while under suspension. The team players must be told not to approach the suspended player or team official before, during or after the game.

Also, such suspended players and team officials must not be involved in the team pre- or post- “handshakes”.

Players or team officials will not participate in any BCSA sanctioned soccer function while under suspension. This includes acting as a game official, handling equipment, field setup, coaching or assigning substitutions. Players can, however, attend practices.

Suspended players or team officials who play, coach or referee while under suspension or, if attending as a spectator, behaves in a manner that brings the game into disrepute shall be subject to further disciplinary action.

In general, it is the responsibility of the team official or player to arrange with their District Discipline Representative to obtain the player’s BCSA photo ID card after the suspension is completed.

In some cases, the ID may be mailed to the team official. The process will be clarified by each district’s discipline representative.

Informing the Opposing Teams

When a discipline matter, such as the suspension of a player or team official, has been ruled on by the Discipline Committee it will be obvious on the team roster that the suspended individual is not entitled to play in the specific game.

Suspensions Carrying Over

Suspensions may carry over into sanctioned activities including tournaments and exhibition matches but do not constitute games sat out with regards to their suspension. The committee may allow a player to play in a tournament depending on the seriousness of the suspension.

Players and team officials who do not complete their suspensions in one season will sit out the balance in the following season. They must be officially registered for the upcoming season for the suspension to count. U-18 players graduating to adult play, who have suspensions carrying over, will serve them in the first games of adult play.


Submitted by Jackie Larson

BCCSL Discipline Chair

September, 2018


NOTE: Subject to change.