Eye Glasses

Eye Glasses

We have had a few instances of late with respect to the interpretation of the IFAB (FIFA) Rules of the Game with respect to eye glasses.

Law 4.1.reads; a player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous. This then leaves defining dangerous to referee judgement. There is some further clarification in 4.4 of the law where it talks about other non dangerous equipment that is allowed and specifies sports spectacles, thus the assumption could be any other forms of eye wear are considered dangerous.

With the trend of hard rimmed glasses this has become more prevalent of an issue and as such we have sought clarification from BC soccer who have stated that their official position is:

“The wearing of eye glasses is at the discretion of the referee, if they are deemed dangerous to the player or someone else he/she has the ability to ask to have them taken off”

We suggest and prefer sport specific spectacles or soft flexible rimmed with anti shatter lenses, for the players safety and the safety of others. Please ask the families of players this pertains to, to keep these considerations in mind when making future purchasing decisions.

Depending on the level and age of play, if your player currently has any, or in particular hard rimmed glasses, this could be considered a safety issue and they may be asked to remove them for play. The only guarantee for sure is sports specific spectacles.

You can find the Laws of the Game on BC soccer’s website on the middle of the home page at https://bcsoccer.net/home or go directley to the Laws at http://www.theifab.com/#!/laws

Nov 16, 2016