Coaches Checklists & Training Expectations


It is the Coach’s responsibility to educate themselves on the rules for the applicable league. Please go to the following links and read the rules before the season begins. Please do not call your coordinator for assistance with rules UNTIL you have looked up the applicable rule and read it entirely.

U08-U10 and U11/U12 House:

U11/U12 Select and U13-U18 All Divisions:

(tab – BCCSL Rules and Regulations)


  • Warm ups before your time slot or after training must be off the pitch and cannot interfere in any way with the training sessions in progress. Even if it appears that the coach on the pitch is not using all the space, do not set up anything on the pitch – you do not know what they have planned next.
  • Please do not block access to equipment or the benches. Bench areas are for players and staff only – please keep parents and all other non-team personnel away from this area.
  • Enter and leave the pitch at your specified time (NOT before) and instruct your players to enter and leave the pitch around the outside and not across. Do not interrupt the session before or after you.
  • If you have moved the nets around on the pitch, put them back at the end of the session unless the next coach has specifically asked that they be left in place. Last teams of the night must put the nets away. Do not move the full size nets from the end line.
  • Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players and must maintain a safe and professional training environment. The Executive or the Technical staff will in the first instance, warn teams that are disrupting the sessions of other teams. Any further incidents will be subject to review by the PCEFC Discipline Committee.
  • No parents, friends, or siblings are permitted inside the fenced playing area or the players and coaches bench areas.
  • PCEFC has exclusive use of the training fields during club booked and assigned times.
  • Training times are located at





  • Check your field and kick-off time determined by the club. Do not assume the times on any other site are correct. Always confirm on the PCEFC website before talking to the opposition coach
  • Contact the opposing teams Coach/Manager and inform them of location and game time and sort out jersey colours (home team must adapt to away team). If you notify them by email, request that they respond back to you. If there is no response, call them.

Get your BCCSL Team Roster form printed and filled in. Two copies (one for referee and one for opposing coach)


Player Cards

All players and team staff from U11 – U18 playing in the BCCSL must have a district player card available at the beginning of each game. Coaches are provided with these cards by the Registrar near the beginning of each season before the weekend that the league decides they are required by. Cards are necessary to ensure rosters are not manipulated.

  • Coaches are to hold all cards for their team and present them to the referee before each game. Any player not having a card is ineligible to play. Coaches are NOT to give the cards to their players to hold onto, they need to remain together.
  • If a player receives a Red Card sending off, the referee will take the player’s card with them at the end of the game. The player or coach will receive that card back after the subsequent discipline proceeding by the district or the league
  • If a team staff member is sent off by a referee, the same process occurs.
  • At the end of the season, all cards MUST be returned to the Registrar, they must NOT to be given to the players as mementos.
  • Please read the league rules available on the league website for information surrounding roster exchanges.



  • BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL) (Boys and Girls U11& U12 Select (only) and U13 to U18 ALL Divisions including Metro)

–    Tri-Cities Youth Soccer (TYCSA) (Boys and Girls U8 to U10 and U11/U12 House        

–     Development League (U8 to U10 Development)

Home Team? Check the night before and the morning of your game to determine field status. (Field closed? See Cancellations below)



Do not allow your team to enter the bench areas until after the previous game has ended. Allow the previous team enough time to gather equipment and depart before you enter. Be courteous and professional. Teams finishing games are requested to leave the bench area as quickly as possible and hold team debriefs elsewhere so the next game can start on time. Please educate your opponent to this to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

  • Set up corner flags from bin
  • Walk the field and ensure surface is clear of dangerous items (Parents can help)
  • U06 – U10 Teams – Ensure that the field is playable. Even if the City has not closed the field, conditions may have changed and the field may have deteriorated. Do not risk your player’s safety or the field itself by forcing a game on an unplayable field.
  • U11 – U18 Teams – You as a coach, are not able to cancel a game due to field conditions – it is the sole discretion of the referee to cancel a game at game time. Communicate your concern with the referee and the opposing coach and agree with the referee to cancel the game.

– Set boundaries for parents/spectators outside the fence line at Gates. Parents are to be opposite team benches everywhere else.

Gates TURF

ABSOLUTELY NO TENTS OR BENCHES ARE ALLOWED ON THE TURF SURFACE.  All our Turf Fields are Players and Coaches Only Areas.

  • Small sided games at Gates – Absolutely NO parents/spectators are to be between the fields. (Gates 1a/1b or the turf).
  • Teams can have benches and tents in between if on grass.
  • No tents or benches are allowed on the turf between the pitches when it is set up for small sided games. Protect the surface please.
  • If it is raining and you are on the turf,use the ends of the full pitch for your tent.
  • No parents or siblings are permitted inside the fence lines on the turf fields at anytime.
  • Please alert your opponent of this.

Gates 1a/ab GRASS

  • Teams can have benches and tents in between fields in play ONLY if on Gates grass.
  • Small sided games at Gates – Absolutely NO parents/spectators are to be between the fields. (Gates 1a/1b)

– No coaching from behind the nets and no parents/spectators behind the nets at any age or level.

**Coaches are to coach from the technical area as designated by the referee. When there is no technical area defined, stay on your own half of the field and do not interfere with the other bench area. Please stay well back from the touchline to avoid obstructing the AR’s.


The permitting of players (U11 to U18) to play for another team on a particular game day is now known as the BCCSL Fluid Roster Policy and is rule 16 in the BCCSL rule document available at the below link. Please read the document BEFORE reaching out to your coordinator for assistance. The Coordinator will ask you “Have you read the rule” before assisting:

( )


  • Player must be of same age or a year younger
  • Must be a player from the same club
  • Must be playing at the same division or a lower division
  • League games only – no Cup
  • Player can only play TWO games in one weekend
  • Your roster cannot go above approved roster size with the call up

This list is not exhaustive. Please read all of the rule for full details



– If the City closes your field and your game needs to be cancelled, please contact the opposing coach immediately by phone.  Your referee will be notified automatically.

– Coaches may not cancel games.  If the field is open, you are expected to show up.  Only the referee can call a match.

– If you feel match needs to be rescheduled more than 24 hours before kickoff please discuss this with your coordinator first.

**Read these carefully. Doing this incorrectly can result in forfeits, league fines and being forced to play a make-up game on a date and time of the other teams choosing. This is the coach’s responsibility, not the clubs. *

– You must also email so the referees can be cancelled

– If a match needs to be cancelled less than 24 hours before kickoff, please call the club scheduler at 604-518-8344.

– If the referee does not show up, please call the club scheduler at 604-518-8344.


-Ensure that both teams agree on the final score for reporting

– Get player cards back from the referee

-Clean up the field

  • Corner flags locked away unless the next game is starting immediately and players are warming up. Flags left out will result in fines to the team.
  • Did you lock the bin?
  • Garbage cleaned up (water bottles)

-Report your score

  • U6 – U10. No reporting of scores to the league as per CSA LTPD protocol
  • TCYSA – No reporting of scores to the league as per CSA LTPD protocol.

U11 and U12 House and Select Teams:

PCEFC will keep track of scores for in-house team balancing only. All scores to be reported via email by 7pm Sunday nights to:

Girls –

Boys –


Report any issues to your coordinator as soon as possible.

* If a player, coach or parent/spectator is ejected by a referee, the coordinators must be advised via email as soon as possible after the game ends.