Extra Programs

The curriculum for all player programs at Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite FC is supported by the Long Term Player Development (LTDP) outlined by the Canadian Soccer Association. This model pays particular attention to the needs of players at various developmental ages and addresses the important skills required at each step. Volunteer coaches are offered courses at each stage and have access to session plans by technical staff. Through the season, every team in the club has the opportunity to have technical staff to aid with practices, help with game tactics and work with players. We work hard to continue to improve learning opportunities for our soccer players.

Under the technical direction of Oliver Heald, Poco Euro-Rite FC offers a top notch Player Academy in the Fall/Winter and Spring. These programs allow players of all levels extra opportunities to develop their skills and tactical play. Spring Break Camps and Summer Camps also offer more chances for touches on the ball and club camaraderie. The technical team coaching in these programs are professional, knowledgeable and engage players in a challenging yet enjoyable environment.