Field Use Policy

1) Why do we need a field use policy?

The Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite FC field use policy was established to hold all teams accountable for the responsible use of fields, and to maximize the benefits of field use for all club players.

2) Why the distinction between Game Fields vs Training Fields?

The above listed game fields, with the exception of Gates Turf, are NOT to be used for any training activities during the playing season (September to April). Grass fields can not withstand usage above that allocated for games. Additional usage from team training will result in damage to the field, and thus increase the likelihood that the field will not last the entire season.

3) Why are Fields Closed?

Fields are closed to prevent damage to the fields, and to protect players from injury. Fields will be closed when saturated from heavy rainfall, frozen or frost covered from cold temperatures, snow covered, or if previously damaged. Fields will be evaluated with a focus of keeping them usable for the entire season, not just to allowing any one game to proceed. During the non-playing season (May to August) fields may also be closed to allow recovery, re-growth or repair.

4) Who determines if fields are to be closed?

Fields are closed or opened at the discretion of any member of the club executive who has inspected/evaluated the field condition or by the City of Port Coquitlam. If fields are marginal they will be inspected on an individual basis, since conditions may vary from park-to-park. Since conditions may change throughout the day; regardless of the posted field status, it is the the ultimate responsibility of the the referee and coaches to evaluate conditions before and during the game to ensure the field is not being damaged. Any decisions made by the referee with respect to field condition must be respected by all teams.

5) When is this decision made?

An initial field inspection will be performed mid-week, and the field schedulers will be advised of any necessary changes in field usage for the upcoming weekend. A second inspection/evaluation will be performed on Friday and if changing weather conditions dictate again early Saturday and Sunday mornings. Final field closures will be posted by 8:30am of each respective game day.

6) How will field closures be communicated?

Field closures will be updated on this web site. In the case of any discrepancies, the status on the web site will take precedence.

7) What are the consequence’s for not abiding by the field use policies.

A team’s violation of the the Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite FC field use policy by either playing on a closed field, or training on a game field during the playing season, will result in the following consequences

  • First time; warning with possible training time sanctions.
  • Second time; the team will be given minimum one week’s worth of training time and/or game time sanctions.
  • Third time; the team will be placed under one month’s probation with increased training time and/or game time sanctions.