Practice Schedule

Training expectations

Fall 2017 Turf Practice Schedule

17-18 PCE Fall Training Schedule (Turf) effective Aug 21, 2017 (Sept 29 update)

Spring / Summer 2017 Practice Schedules

Saturday and Sunday

Week 21 Aug 21 – 25

Week 22 Aug 28 – Sept 1


Spring & Summer Booking Process

Effective April 3 – August 18, 2017

Please note, teams will be charged for field usage.

  • Youth Teams are responsible for field costs unless the team is still in Cup Play.
  • Teams will be invoiced by the Club.  If you book the field it will be your responsible and your Head coach’s responsibility to pay for the fees.

Turf Box ($6.72/hour)             Full Turf ($23.52/hour)          ½ Turf ($11.76/hour)

1/3 Turf ($7.84/hour)             ¼ Turf ($5.88/hour)                Grass field ($8.61/hour

To request and secure a field: