Benefits for Adult Teams

The Club’s motto is as follows: “Growing Our Game: The purpose of the Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite FC (PoCo Euro-Rite FC) is to promote, teach and perpetuate the game of soccer, to encourage sportsmanship and to teach respect for the laws of our games, officials and players while building a life-long desire for the sport.”

In addition to the benefits that are listed below, there is a sense of giving back and belonging to the Soccer Community when you’re part of the Club; networking with other “soccer people” to provide a team/group for those that want to play the “beautiful game” regardless of their ability, age or fitness level. The Club’s Executive work closely with the City’s Parks and Rec staff to continually improve fields and facilities, which all field users benefit from. For example, improvements to Cedar & Evergreen fields, plus the covered players’ benches and covered spectators’ bleachers at Gates Park were paid for partly by PoCo Soccer with matching City Grants. The 2nd turf field was pushed significantly higher on the City’s list of priorities solely due to the continued communication from our Soccer Executive. This all contributes to our thriving Soccer Community.

$300 Club Fee pays for:

  • Adult Administrator’s salary
  • Field lining
  • Port Coquitlam Sports Alliance fee
  • Miscellaneous administrative duties by Club Manager
  • Team Photos



  • Club looks after field allocation
  • Fields are lined for fall/winter season
  • Club rate on fields
  • Club reps work closely with City on field allocation and staying on top of field upgrades


  • Access to equipment (i.e. small nets, canopies)
  • Bulk buying power for balls, kit and the like
  • Club wear; look like part of the club and great prices


  • Recruit from youth
  • Use website and other social media to recruit players
  • “Call-up” youth players for games
  • “Call-up” adult players for games
  • Participate in training sessions for goalies and players



  • Participate in Coaching Clinics
  • Participate in Club Appreciation Night
  • Assistance with team management
  • Communication with the League; including representation at MWSL meetings


  • Club will front League Team and Player Registration
  • Fundraising opportunity – Raffle ticket sales