Player Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct


This code of conduct was formed to promote soccer among young people in an environment that promotes integrity and fairness amongst coaches, managers, players, and parents.

Player’s Expectations

• I will practice the principles of fair play: integrity, fairness, and respect.
• I will play by the laws of the game (FIFA, BCSA and PCFCSA rules).
• I am expected to be “coachable.” This means being attentive to instruction during practices and games and always putting forth my best effort.
• I will not argue with the coaches, the referees, my teammates and opponents.
• I will conduct myself with honor and dignity and be mindful of the fact that I represent the Euro-Rite FC community at large.
• I understand that unsporting behavior while playing soccer is unacceptable.
• I will control my temper and resist the temptation to retaliate.
• I will make a commitment to my team and appreciate the vital role I play. I understand that team spirit does not just happen; it comes from all players contributing equally.
• I will be committed to my team for the entire duration of the season (September – March)
• I will not use foul language on or off the pitch.

Player’s Dress Code
• Club shirts
• Club shorts (or those designated by the club)
• Soccer socks (as designated by the club)
• Proper footwear
• Shin pads

• Comfortable shirt
• Soccer shorts
• Soccer socks
• Proper footwear
• Shin pads

I understand that all laws of soccer must be followed including those relating to my uniform. I understandthat a complete uniform is required to play in a game and that my shirt must always be tucked in.

Games and Practices
• I am expected to regularly attend practices and games.
• I will show up for practices and games at the time designated by the coach.
• I acknowledge that the following factors will be taken into consideration when determining playing time and starting line-ups:

If I cannot make a game or practice, I am expected to notify the coach in a timely manner.