FAQs Minis U06 – U10

How long is the regular season?

Season start:

• Boys – 2nd or 3rd Saturday in September

• Girls – 2nd or 3rd Sunday in September

Winter break

• U6/U7 – starts 1st weekend in December with games starting 2nd weekend in January.  Exact dates will be communicated to the teams each year.

• U8-U10 – starts 2nd weekend in December with games starting  2nd weekend in January.  Exact dates will be communicated to the teams each year.

Season end:

The regular season wraps up at the Mini Jamboree generally held the weekend before SD43 Spring Break. The weekend of the Mini Jamboree, each U6-U10 team plays 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday. More information will be available on the website as we approach the weekend.  This is also the weekend that Registration starts for the next season.

When are games and practices?

Boys play games on Saturdays any time from 9 am to 4 pm.

Girls play on Sundays any time from 9 am to 4 pm.

Games played on grass fields are dependent on weather conditions (eg. once winter conditions set in, game start times are later in the morning).

There is a one hour weekly practice dependent on the coach’s schedule and request. U6 – U10 teams practice in gymnasiums starting in October.

Where are games held?

 U5 – U7 at Minnekhada Oval.

 U8 at Ecole des Pionniers and away games are at various fields in Coquitlam and Port Moody  (Fields to be announced)

 U9 and U 10 Home Field – Gates Park 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D.   Away Games in Coquitlam and Port Moody   (Fields to be announced)

 U11 – U18 – Home field is Gates Park


When should I register my child?

You should register your child for the upcoming season the weekend of the Mini Jamboree and as soon as possible to guarantee placement onto a team and to avoid late fees.

When will my child be placed on a team?

Teams are formed as soon as enough children register for a specific age group and finalized during the summer with rosters being provided to coaches as early as June for U11-U18, and in mid-August for U8-10 and late August for U6-U7.

You will be contacted by your child’s coach, who will provide you with practice times and game schedules.  Please make sure that the email and phone number that we have in our system is correct or we will not be able to make contact with you.

What equipment do I need to buy?

Your child will need to have soccer shoes, shin pads and a water bottle. These are mandatory at every game and practice.  For all U6 – U8 age groups, players need runners as practices are held indoors in gymnasiums starting in October.

Your registration fee covers the cost of games, practices, fields, gyms, jersey, shorts and socks, referee’s and linesmen when required.

For boys, an athletic supporter is recommended.

What does the U6, U7, U12, etc. mean?

The U is short for “under”. Age groups for teams are determined by the year of birth of the child.  Players must be “under” the age level as of December 31st in order to play for that age level.

For example, for a player to participate in the U8 level, he or she must be 7 years old and not have attained the age of 8 years prior to December 31st of the year that you are registering in.   If your child is 10 years old and her birthday is after December 31, she would play at the U11 level.

Click here to see what U Level your player would be


What is the difference between the “Mini” divisions and the “Competitive” divisions?

Mini Division is U6 – U10 and Competitive Division is U11 – U18.


Where may I find information on regular season programs:

Follow these links for more information:

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