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How Do I Become a Referee?

There are two ways to get started as a soccer referee: the small-sided clinic (minimum age 12), or the entry-level clinic (minimum age 14). There is no maximum age for either.

Poco Euro-Rite FC hosts a small-sided clinic, entry-level clinic, and a refresher clinic at some time in August – September each year. Information will be updated once dates are confirmed.


Small-Sided Games Referee Clinic

Successful completion of the Small-Sided Clinic certifies you as a Small-Sided game Head-Referee and Assistant Referee up to U12 games ONLY. All small-sided referee candidates must be 12 years of age before or on the date of the small-sided game clinic.

The small-sided clinic is hosted annually by the club (typically in early September), which qualifies you as a Small-Sided Referee. All small-sided referee candidates must submit a letter explaining in their own words why they would like to be a soccer referee, and what qualities they believe would make them an excellent referee. Letters should be emailed to the Referee Manager

Depending on the number and quality of submissions, short in-person interviews may be arranged as well. All applicants will be notified as to their status and further instructions.

The Small-sided clinic is 7 – 8 hours and is hosted locally by the club.


Entry-Level Clinic

The Entry-Level clinic is the entry point into the Provincial Referee program and may be taken by anyone age 14 or greater. If you are under 16, you are classified as a Youth Referee; if 16 or older, you are classified as a District Referee.

NOTE: although this is not an official policy, new Youth or District referees with no prior small-sided refereeing experience can expect to start out the first season on U11/U12 matches and AR assignments.

The Entry-Level clinic may be taken anywhere; BC Soccer lists all upcoming clinics on their website Registration is through BC Soccer directly. If you have taken the entry-level clinic and are interested in refereeing with Poco Euro-Rite FC please contact the referee manager.

Refresher Clinics

All Youth / District and higher level referees must take an annual refresher clinic to maintain their certification. The cost of the clinic itself is free but you must then pay your annual registration fee to BC Soccer.

Further Advancement

Refereeing can be an exciting, challenging and highly rewarding undertaking, and the club referee program is only the starting point for those who wish to continue. If you are looking for further advancement beyond the club level, please contact the Referee manager for more information.