Coaches & Managers Information RE: Referees

Changes, Cancellations, Missing Referees

1) Weather related cancellations – ONLY the referee can cancel a match due to weather, and then only for safety reasons.  You are expected to show up ready to play.  If you feel conditions are unsafe for play, please discuss this with the referee before kicking off, and a decision can be made.  Coaches are NOT to decide on weather related cancellations the morning of a scheduled match.
If the City closes our fields, you don’t need to do anything.  We will take care of cancelling everything.  Ref’s know to look each morning just like you.  If you are playing a team from outside the club you need to call the other coach and let them know of the cancellation.

2) Cancellations in Advance – Cancellations in advance MUST be discussed with your coordinator beforehand.  Doing this incorrectly can result in forfeitures and fines from the league.  Coaches should not be cancelling games on their own.  Once a decision has been made, please confirm with the club scheduler via .

3) If the Ref has not arrived 5 minutes before kick off, please call the club scheduler at 604-518-8344.


Referees for Exhibition Games

Referees for exhibition matches involving club teams may be requested or arranged through the club scheduler. The home team is responsible for field and referee costs, and is expected to pay the referee(s) directly in cash prior to the start of the match.