Referee Mentorship Program

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Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite F.C Referee Mentorship Program

The Port Coquitlam Euro-Rite F.C Mentorship Program is designed to select the most committed and experienced youth referees within the club and teaching them the necessary skills to mentor other Poco youth referees on the field. This will help with consistency with our refs and a way for Poco referees to have year-round coaching.


-Minimum 16 years old

-Completion of the B.C Soccer entry level referee clinic

-Minimum 3 years as a Poco Soccer referee

-Attendance record in good standing with Poco Club Scheduler

Job description of a youth referee mentor

A Poco Soccer youth referee mentor will have the opportunity to help mentor U8-U12 youth referees. Specifically newer younger referees just starting out and providing them with moral support during games. They will also help to transition referees from non-offside games to offside games at the U11-U12 level.

Mentors are NOT meant to make or help make calls during games.

Responsibilities during on-field mentorship

Before the game:

Arrive 15 minutes before kick-off, Introduce yourself and describe your mentorship position. Answer any questions he/she may have. Emphasize that mentors are not able to assist in call making during the time of play or decide in any way the outcome of the game.


Talk about the first half activities such as questionable calls, correct/incorrect hand signals etc. Give constructive criticism that is delivered in a positive way. Answer any questions.

End of game:

Discuss the 2nd half and full-game debrief. Talk about the positives and things to work on for the next game. Answer any questions he/she may have. Finally, as soon as you are able to, please complete the referee report card online.

External school credit

Just like refereeing a game, you will receive school credits for every game you attend as a mentor.

Application process

  1. Fill out the application form in full. Please be thorough and include TWO REFERENCES. References can be either of the following: Work Managers, Work Supervisors, Teachers, School Counsellors, Coaches (no friends or family members).
  2. Once we have reviewed you application and you fit all of the qualifications, Poco Soccer will contact you regarding setting up either a group interview OR an individual interview depending on how many applicants there are.
  3. If you are successful during the interview, you will meet with the Poco Referee Manager and go through a short course on how to properly assess and critique youth referees.
  4. You will then be assigned games based on your schedule.

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