Scheduling & Pay

New / Returning Referees

If you are a new referee to our club or an existing referee, please submit your information by clicking here

Please note, if your contact information (including mailing address) changes throughout the season, you just need to fill in this form again and it will automatically update.  All personal information will remain confidential.

Referee Pay

With the exception of exhibition games, referees assigned through the club are paid on a monthly basis at the Referee meeting.

Referee pay for exhibition matches is the responsibility of the home team. Referees are customarily paid in cash prior to the start of the match.

Referees will be expected to submit a “referee game tracking” form for each game refereed or A/R following each game day.  This information will be used by the Club scheduler to process the monthly payroll. Please note: you will not be paid if you do not submit your games.  Click here for the Payroll form.

Pay Timeline

2017/18 Schedule to be posted



Click here for Referee Pay Schedule 2016-2017

Be Early

When you are scheduled to officiate a match, the time you are given is the kick-off time. In all cases, it is your responsibility to be present and fully ready before this time to ensure the game is able to start on time.

The following are the minimum expectations:

Minis (U9 – U10)Super-8 (U11 – U12 house 10 minutes prior to kickoff
Super-8 (U11 – U12) select / Div 1/2 15 minutes prior to kickoff
Any matches with ARs – applies to both referee and ARs 20 minutes prior to kickoff


All Referee and AR assignments, including for exhibition matches, require full and correct referee uniform. Layers such as UnderArmour™ etc., may be worn if desired for colder weather conditions but track pants, jackets, sunglasses and hats are not considered appropriate. It is recommended to bring an alternate colour jersey or pinny in case of a colour conflict with either team.

Referee Assignments

Regular Season and Cup Play

Referee assignments will be made by the club scheduler, Megan Walker. Please contact Megan by Monday with your availability information for the following weekend, to ensure you are given scheduling priority.

Scheduling priority will also be given to those who demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the Pursuit of Excellence by regularly attending the monthly referee development meetings and having an independent assessment at least annually.

Assistant Referees

Assistant referees are scheduled for the following matches:

• League matches for U16 – U18 divisions.

• Cup matches for U13 – U18 divisions.

• Selected tournament matches.

• MSL division (club policy, Youth Referee minimum qualification required).

Decisions During Cup Play

During cup play, the rules for deciding the outcome in case of a tied score at the end of regulation time will vary depending on a number of factors. Always confirm with both teams before the start of the match and ensure your schedule can accommodate the possibility of extra time, before accepting any cup assignments.